Friday, November 30, 2007

Oh-S-Oh !!

Let me start this by saying something about myself: I’m a HUGE movie-buff (like probably half a million other people in the world!)- English, Hindi or any language for that matter. Just the mere mention of good cinema sets my adrenaline pumping. I live, eat and breathe movies, think about them 24x7, just can’t get enough of them. To sum it up, my love for them borders on craziness at times!

Having said so, I would like to write something about a movie I saw lately and loved every second of. Now I know I’m in for a lot of brickbats here and a chunk of people would disagree with me on this, but at the end of the day, its MY PAGE, so with all due respect to everyone who disagrees with me on this – “Up yours.”

Anyway let me get back to the point. Without further adieu, let me disclose the name of the movie I’m talking about here- Its none other than Om Shanti Om or OSO- Yes, the same OSO which most critics thrashed and left most of the audiences baffled as to why it was ever made in the first place.

Personally, I loved the movie and let me tell you why- As a fine critic rightly said, “If Main Hoon Na was a boundary, OSO is a sixer- hit straight out of the park!” The film is a roller-coaster ride, pure entertainment right from the first reel to the very last- not having one dull or morose moment, where the director has lost her grip over the enchanted and awed audience. The film never promised to be insightful or thought-provoking, revolutionary cinema; instead it was made with the intention of being an out & out entertainer, in true bollywood style of the 70’s, paying a true-blue homage to the golden years of Hindi cinema and this is what it exactly does, ably earning the title “ The biggest bollywood masala movie ever”. It is for this sheer brashness and honesty that I love the movie.

Moreover the film takes a path which very few bollywood movies dare to tread and comes out tops- I’m talking about the ability to laugh at ourselves- the honesty to look at our own flaws, idiosyncrasies and 
whims and look at them in a lighter vein. In a stroke, which could only be considered as genius, the director (Farah Khan – Hats off for a job well done!) manages to make us laugh at ourselves and even manages to take potshots at herself and her own films and actors. That, to me, is Cinema well done.

Enough said. Bravo Om Shanti Om.

P.S: We, Indians, should really learn to laugh at ourselves and look at the funnier side of things. Do you think we can ever have a desi version of Southpark or anything even remotely close to it, if people take offence to even seemingly harmless instances as in OSO? Someday I’ll write more on this but as of now I think it’s about time we opened up.

Speaking of which, Mr. Manoj Kumar, are you listening?


  1. 1. Manoj Kumar is cool with the issue.
    2. The second half could've been handled better.
    3. Critics didn't pan the movie. (atleast most of them)

  2. 4. Stop flicking quotes from Mr. Taran Adarsh sir. :P