Thursday, December 6, 2007

Getting A Six Pack - Part II

Day 2: It took some serious persuasion, will power and soul searching to drag myself out of bed. Jogging was another breath-taking (literally!) experience. On came the much dreaded crunches. It was even worse than the first day, and it took fifteen minutes for my will power to finally give in and realize it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

I was about to give up when suddenly the sound of “Dard-E-Disco”, courtesy the local radio station, filled the room and the sight of SRK flaunting his fab abs filled my eyes, filling me with renewed vigor and enthusiasm, propelling me to achieve the unachievable. Vehemently I carried on, pushing myself harder and harder every second and making an extra effort. Guess I must have put in “too much” effort as I heard a snap and felt a pain, never felt before, which engulfed my senses and brought me crashing down to mother earth from my rosy fantasies of having a six pack, as good, if not better than SRK’s.

Two hours later I woke up in my bed, surrounded by family members and a doctor checking my pulse. The doctor concluded I must have passed out due to over-exertion due to too much exercise (too much??) and pushing my body limits too far. He also said I should be back on my feet in some hours, provided I eat well and take adequate rest.

“But what about the snap I heard?” I asked & further added “Could it be that I cracked or broke one of my bones? Are you sure you checked everything properly?” He replied everything was in place and the snap I heard must have been the sound of the radio cracking up, leading me to assume I broke a bone and pass out!

Satisfied, I snuggled back into my bed, only to be disturbed an hour later by my mother, who enquired if I wanted anything from the grocery shop. I dreamily replied, “Get me a six-pack.” 

“What?” exclaimed my mother, confused and baffled as ever by her son’s words. 

I said “Get me a six pack- a six pack of maggi noodles” and scampered back into the warmth and comfort of the sheets, continuing my journey to neverland, a place where women were always beautiful and never had a moustache, where professors knew the difference between I-pods and mobile phones, where teachers ACTUALLY taught something that made sense, not only to the students but to themselves too and where I had a six-pack, a real one and not just a six pack of maggi noodles, which you’d find in my cupboard any given day. 

Well, that’s atleast one six-pack all of us can have, Move over Shahrukh, here I come!!

Note: Readers may end up inferring from the last few posts that I’m a die-hard SRK fan or another OSO enthusiast, which is not exactly true. It’s just that the movie and SRK’s fabulous six pack abs have compelled me into writing the respective posts.


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  2. It is very clear from ur post that u did ur very best to get those 6 pack abs… don’t lose heart and keep trying :)… I am sure u wud realize this dream of urs pretty soon ;) best wishes from me to u…