Thursday, December 6, 2007

A Glass of Water

As soon-to-be-engineers, we have a lot of responsibilities towards the society, the environment and to our fellow human beings. I know it sounds a little heavy coming from someone like me, but then I do talk sense at times!

Anyway, coming back, engineers are supposed to be efficient, intelligent and better managers than most people. Going by a popular example, a worker can do a job, but it’s the responsibility of an engineer to ensure that it is done more efficiently, making maximum possible use of the resources available and delivering the maximum possible output. It is, in this mad obsession for getting the maximum results that we are overexploiting the limited resources available to us. 

That is exactly what this write-up is about.

As a part of the curriculum (for the record, I’m a student of Chemical engineering at the National Institute of Technology, Trichy), I came across a very ‘interesting’ subject titled Energy & Environmental Engineering (I use the word ‘interesting’ because the subject, on paper, sounds fairly appealing and intriguing, but the way it is being approached and handled is something I really don’t want to get into!).

The subject, as the title very clearly suggests, talks about the usage of energy and environmental resources in today’s world and how, as a soon-to-be-engineer, we should be more conscious about the depleting resources, conserve energy, try to find ‘alternate’ sources and in the process, save precious fuel and also cause less environmental pollution by helping in the reduction of emission of harmful and poisonous gases, chemicals etc. into the environment causing its rapid degradation.

The facts and figures related to the energy sources and the pollution meters came across as major eye-openers, forcing even someone like me, for once, to sit up and take notice. To quote from the book, “If the energy sources are going to be consistently exploited at the same rate as today for the next twenty five years, we would be left with NO petroleum resources at all.” The mere realization of the fact is frightening and shocking, and coaxes us to do something about it. 

Energy conservation is the need of the hour. Our future, whether bright or bleak, is in our own hands and it is left up to us to do something about it. A seemingly small difference made by us today could amount to something tremendously great in the years to come. If nothing else, let us make a promise to ourselves to switch off the lights and fans when we’re not using them, use water in the bathroom judiciously and consume fuel in the least amount possible by restricting the use of our personal vehicles. Every small effort counts.

On a parting note, I would like to illustrate a point. It is said that a person’s outlook can be determined by the way he looks at a glass of water-half full or half empty. Here’s another perspective-you have a bigger glass than you need.

Conserve energy to conserve our tomorrow!

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  1. Does Chemical Engineering have a Energy and Environment Engineering paper? Oh God. I am also a student of NIT Trichy, Chemical Engineering Department.