Thursday, December 6, 2007

Reign of the Remakes!!


For quite some time now, I’ve been thinking about the concept of remakes- You know, the age-old formula of picking up a tried and tested, mostly successful Hollywood flick, make a few changes here and there, mould it according to the need of the day and the taste of your audience and Presto! You have the perfect recipe for a box-office hit!

Remakes have always been a part of the Hindi film industry. Most of them though remain uncredited towards the original film, claiming to be originals themselves, which are later found out anyway, causing further embarrassment to the makers, whereas some are honest enough to quote the original source. Lately the Hindi film industry has been churning out remakes of successful Hollywood movies by the dozen, which just goes to illustrate the dearth of good, innovative and most importantly original writers we have in the industry.

I, for one, hold nothing against remakes. If one believes he can tell the story in a different, if not better way, add a personal touch to it, I don’t see why remakes shouldn’t be accepted. In fact, if one comes across a story, on which a movie has already been made in some other language, but is a story he believes in and is worth narrating, I, personally, think he should go ahead and make the movie because the people of our country shouldn’t miss out on a good story, the experience of watching good cinema because of language constraints. However, the filmmaker should be honest enough to credit the original maker for his brilliant work.

The audience, on its part, has had its own share of hiccups with remakes, only because the filmmakers couldn’t capture the essence of the story and lost grip over the plot, resulting in disastrous results; the only losers in the process being the audience, who had to sit through such mind-numbing movies. 

Some examples are as follows: (I’m not saying these movies didn’t do good business at the box-office, in fact, some were even declared super-hits, but this doesn’t necessarily make them good movies.)

Phir hera-pheri : Lock, stock and two smoking barrels
Salaam-e-ishq : Love actually
Deewane huye paagal : There’s something about Mary
Qayamat : The rock
Chocolate : The usual suspects
Hum kisise kum nahin : Analyze this
Partner : Hitch
Zinda : Old boy
Ek Ajnabee : Man on Fire
Mujhse shaadi karogi : Anger management
Faltu : Accepted

And the list goes on and on and on.


To sum it up, merely copying a hit movie doesn’t necessarily result in a hit, and more importantly, a good movie, which is something filmmakers need to learn. Until and unless they make an honest effort themselves and perceive the story from their own point-of-view, we will sadly be treated to a series of mind-numbing, pointless cinema products. Honestly, on watching some of the ‘inspired’ movies listed above (Not taking any particular names!), I literally, cried on behalf of the original filmmakers. I can only cross my fingers and hope that the young, sensible and innovative new breed of filmmakers learn from such mistakes and churn out better, quality and meaningful cinema, making us proud. Amen to that!

P.S: A Hollywood remake I’d love to watch? As per the suggestion of one of my very, very talented friends, a Desi version of ‘Face Off’ with Aamir Khan essaying the same role as Nicholas Cage and Shahrukh Khan as the one John Travolta played in the original movie. How about that? That would be some movie, if it ever works out!


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  3. hey.. nice one.. vey well written.. about the declaration of the original movie tho.. there are rights to be purchased and royalties to be paid.. so... keep posting. :)

  4. You are correct ashish but it is not so that bolywood only copies hollywood... some of the indian old time movies are so inspirig that hollywood also gets tempted to copy bollywood movie... it is correct that we dont hv much example but we do hv example...

    For instance Do Kaliya was copied by Walt Disney to produce The Parents Trap...

    What i feel is movie should be good and if copying credit should not be taken but should highlight the source...

  5. made a very good read..keep writing..cheers..!!

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  7. That's a good observation u made about movies,... well on my part..the only problem I have with re-makes is that they constrict the art of cinema to just any other business. Take 'Partner', "Salaam-e-Ishq" and "Hey Baby" for example,.. I won't call them good cinema,.. but then u have remakes like Devdas and Black (The Miracle Worker),..which are done so beautifully that to the viewer, it seems like a completely new story!!
    And for some reason I m not able to comprehend why the hell movie-makers in India , not making movies based on some novel or book.
    M sure these guys aren't illiterate.Whatever,.. Indian Cinema is on a high, specially after Taare Zameen Par
    And thanx for the compliment
    Yours Truly
    Mr. very very talented