Friday, June 6, 2008

It Happened One Monday Afternoon.

It happened one Monday afternoon, shortly after shifting into the brand new single room in Emerald. It was yet another afternoon off provided to us by the ever-obliging and considerate professors at the Chemical Engineering department, NIT-Trichy.

Doing what I do best, I stretched myself across the length of my bed and was staring at the blank wall which instantly stared back at me. Once again, I went into the inner sanctuaries of my head and started thinking: What can I do to make my room different from the 300 odd rooms occupied by the others? How can I label it as something personal, something which would be truly radical, different, and a little insane but at the same time which would somehow be me!

An idea struck and “inspired” by similar efforts made by a former senior (though I have to say that those efforts were not on the same level of hard-work or enthusiasm I put in!), I rushed to the Octagon, which is the Computer Centre of the College. With a little effort on my part and a lot of help from Google, I managed to find what I wanted: Images of my favorite Movies, Music artists, Television series and even Cartoon characters.

Next came the tricky part: convincing the Guy in charge of the printing operations at the Octagon to allow me to take print-outs of the images on A4 sheets. I’m sure the lesser fortunate ones out there who’ve been to NITT can understand that achieving this was no mean feat. I somehow managed to convince him using broken English and extremely broken, in fact shattered, busted Tamil that I needed the pictures as a part of a folder which was to be presented to the Dean on the occasion of Festember, which is the annual cultural & literary festival at NITT. It sounded hollow to even my ears too but for some reason, he believed it and was just about to handle the bunch of finished print-outs to me.

As Lord Murphy would have it, at that very moment, the printer machine scoffed out an image of a “very hot” Elisha Cuthbert staring out of a poster from the movie “The Girl Next Door” and it took me another half an hour to justify and account for the presence of such a picture in a folder, to be presented to the Dean! Don’t even ask me how I managed to do it!

I grabbed the pile of print-outs as soon as I was permitted to and ran out of the Octagon. I casually flipped through the pages and realized I’d taken 200+ print-outs!

The next part was even more painful and took a lot more effort but the end result was so worth it! 

I finally managed to create “The Wall”: A space which defines me, every inch of which is filled 
with things I am crazy about: Images of Movies that have touched me and affected me like nothing else, Music artists close to my heart, Cartoon characters which have shaped my initial formative years and TV shows which make me believe that there’s more to the tube than stupid Saas-Bahu serials, mind numbing reality shows and news channels which give more footage to Aishwarya Rai Bacchan’s “Karvachauth” than the natural calamities in Africa.

When I look at the wall, which I do every now and then, I see more to it than just a collage of a few withering black and white images. I see more than the obvious message which comes across from the assorted mix of pictures stuck haphazardly on a wall.

I see myself, like no one else, like never before.


  1. Does that printer guy actually see wat we are printing out....well that was News to me!!!!!!!

  2. if you really ask me, it's just a waste of time and effort.

  3. thanks for the "feedback" charlie, its just somethin i wanted to do for myself,so did it, not like i wanted the world to tell me whether it was worth the time & effort :)
    thanks for takin the time out to read it anyway!

  4. hey..!!
    kudos..yet another wonderful post from u..
    beautifully written..:)
    sometimes, yea, simple things give us bliss..a non-solvenly room, that too in nit-t guys' hostel :O Strange!! :D
    u do ve patience level tending to infinity!!

  5. Wow! Im amazed you had so much patience. We had to stick newspapers on our shelves to prevent the paint from coming on to our clothes and I still remember the amount of time it took! And ur wall looks really cool.. :)
    And first time here! Im impressed! :)

  6. Nice Man... It's always quite a treat to stop by your door and just look at the many pix put up there. There are some that I still haven't seen... :) :)

  7. n mr.interior designer..
    i understand that u recently learnt to change font colour n all that :D
    still, u know, black suited the page better!! :)

  8. first things first - its amazing!!
    And I dont think theres any need on my part to further elucidate on the effort and creative inputs put into creating 'The Wall'
    Secondly,. I ve been thinking of doing something similar in my room,.only trouble is,.we dont have such a wonderful printing guy in our college,..
    anyways,..cheers man,..u never know that an insignificant act of yours can prove to be a source of inspiration for some one...

  9. Hey very nice wall poster done by you. Really impressed by all the pain and efforts u took to make it :-).
    Keep it up!!

  10. First off. COngrats for pulling it off. It requres patience and work. Great thing.

    However, I feel Alexander George's work was more commendable since his assembly was more random and hence closer to what a collage is. That felt as if you are watching a computer generated image. Truly remarkable work from Alex.

    On the other hand, yours is a more ordered and non-overlapping one.
    SO I have to disagree on your comment on your senior. His enthusiasm for music was astounding.

    But anyway, doing something with full interest is a good thing and you have done it. Keep it up.

  11. @ Srikanth :

    Thanks for taking the time out to read this :) though i'm not really sure i know who Alexander is and what comment i made on him. :D

  12. Your senior you mentioned... Isn't it Alexander George (2008). Cause I'd be darned if anyone else otehr than him had a similar collage...

  13. nah, i didnt mean Alex, i haven't actually seen his collage too :D
    This was in reference to a similar kinda thing done by Shashank Pandey in his room @ Emerald!

  14. Reflections of a 15 degree tilted head, music freak...thats y (H)ashish is popular amongst all ;) .. u know exactly what i mean..Partially innovative idea,(shashank pandey takes the credit).. :P
    Enjoy bro..Supppaaa

  15. Hey Ashish tats a real lovely post… what I loved in the post is the importance that u give to being urself… the one thing that makes u really very spl and very U! i have always told u that u r no mediocre writer... u r a gifted writer dear frd... Great going :)

  16. lolzzzz.... i had similar trouble with printer guy when i went there to get a 230 pages pondy story printed called "Asha ki kahaani" :D