Saturday, June 14, 2008

Aamir - A Must Watch!

Directed by Rajkumar Gupta
Starring : Rajeev Khandelwal

Not the kinda title or credits that would make you wanna go into a theatre and watch it, eh? well trust me you have no idea what your're missing here!

*If you wish to read on, let me issue a spoiler alert here as the next few lines tend to kinda give away the plot of the movie*

One of the best movies our film industry has turned out off-late, Aamir revolves around a young muslim doctor Aamir who after studying and practicing medicine in London for the past few years decides to come back to India after the London blasts and the aftermath thereby. He thinks he's coming back to his "own" country but sadly realises he's not welcome here too, which is pretty obvious by the way the authorities at the airport choose to deal with him just because his name is "Aamir" and not "Amar" for that matter.

Once outside, he's led on this crazy trip by a person on the phone, who claims to hold his family and gives him a set of instructions to follow, following which he would let them go. This sets off Aamir's journey into the bylanes of Mumbai, to places where he'd never thought he would visit and sights he never thought he would see.

There are no songs, there is no heroine, no "item numbers" to titillate the first benchers nor any dream sequences shot at picturesque locations in Europe. Its a thriller with the twists and turns at the right moments to keep you glued to your seat.

The camera work is excellent, editing has been razor sharp and the background score is topnotch.

In a very subtle way, the director makes you think about issues normally unchartered in Hindi cinema. It makes you want to venture out of your comfort zone. It offers an altogether different perspective on the so-called "terrorists" exisiting in the world and there's so much more to it than what it appears on the surface.

Kudos to the first time director for taking a bold step, defying convention and making a movie he believes in. Similiar sentiments for the first time actor too for pulling off such a role almost flawlessly. Heaven knows we need more such actors and directors in the Hindi film industry to break the stereotype.

From the box-office reports till now, the movie hasn't really garnered much apart from a lot of critical acclaim. I can only hope the audience warms up to good cinema pretty soon and give such producers and directors the incentive they so rightly deserve! It took me more than an hour to get back to normal once I saw the movie - such is the impact it creates. Enough said, I'd really recommend the movie to everyone who likes Good cinema.

Cheers to "Aamir"!!


  1. Aamir is for sure one of the best movies in this season... a must watch !

  2. Nicely penned..err..key-board'ed.. :P

  3. I ain't a hard core movie buff, but I do watch movies, usually downloaded ones. I rarely go to the theater. But thanks to you, I have decided to watch Aamir as soon as possible, and at a theater and not the pirated version. Hope it's worth the decision.

  4. can't wait to watch it..!!!

  5. I wish I could watch it in a theatre, but unfortunately, i'm already in college.
    Anyways, with that good feedback from mr. shah, I guess I must watch it.
    p.s. - I thought of studying tonite, thanks for giving me an excuse ;-).

  6. completely agree wid u ! its an awesome movie :)