Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Day Of Firsts

It was just another day in my life. Or so I thought, until I set foot in that room.

She was the first thing that caught my eye and probably the only thing I noticed throughout the evening. People came, and they left, but I don’t think I remember anything else from that day. There she was, sitting in a group, apparently a part of it, and yet so detached. Her eyes seemed to speak volumes and her smile seemed to brighten up the otherwise drab room.

For those fleeting moments when our eyes seemed to accidentally meet – accidentally in her case, because as far as I was concerned, mine never stopped following her around the room; my world seemed to stop and I had to consistently remind myself to continue breathing. Every now and then she smiled at me, or so I thought, and I could literally feel my heart skip a beat.

I had to make an effort to not go up to her and tell her how breathtakingly beautiful she was, how she seemed to draw me towards her in the most enticing yet nonchalant manner and how going through all the pain and trouble was worth it, because in the end, it got me to be with her, in a moment that seemed to last a lifetime.

I guess what drew me most towards her was how unaware she seemed about the effect that she could have on people around her. She was mesmerizing, yet cavalier; jaw-droppingly beautiful, yet unfussy. She had a smile that could possibly stop wars from happening, eyes that could show you the deepest of oceans and the highest of skies, a face that could make you believe that angels do exist and a voice that was sweeter than any note that you might have ever heard.

I never believed in the concept of love at first sight. To me, it was always the stuff that helped silly films to get an audience and outrageous novels make profits. I don’t know if this was love, but I knew one thing- Even the idea of love wouldn’t do justice to how strongly I fell for her. I surprised myself, and I rarely manage to do that. I was so caught – hook, line and sinker.

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